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Capstone Projects

Capstone projects occur over the final six months of the program and are focused on bringing together all of the skills and knowledge developed throughout the program.

Project teams work together with an external client to solve a variety of user experience challenges in many domains (education, the environment, healthcare, retail, and more). Past capstone clients include the Discovery Cube Museum, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Data for Social Good,, as well as many for-profit organizations.

Iterative research, design, development, and evaluation are the keys to success in the capstone projects. The capstone experience is a highlight for many MHCID students.

“What really set the MHCID program apart from others was the focus on real-world experience and application. The MHCID program culminates in a capstone project where we had the opportunity to work with real organizations, helping them tackle challenges using what we learned in the program. The capstone makes sure that everyone leaves the program with real-world work experience, something that is incredibly valuable and uncommon for new graduates to have.”

Brandon (MHCID Class of 2023)

If your company is interested in being a capstone partner, please email the MHCID director at for more information.