About The Program

The Master of Human-Computer Interaction and Design is offered by faculty from Arts, Business, Computer Science, Education, Humanities, Informatics, and Social Sciences. Building on strengths across numerous schools on campus, the MHCID program educates designers, researchers, and developers to not only use a variety of key skills, tools, and approaches but to invent the next generation.

In just one year, students will learn:

  • Theories of human behavior and cognition
  • To develop user facing software, including high and low fidelity prototypes
  • The place for user experience in the software development life cycle
  • Visual design
  • Empirical methods and analysis
  • Ideation and design processes
  • To develop personas, scenarios, and storyboards for explaining user needs and design solutions
  • To communicate effectively with clients, software developers, and within teams
  • Legal requirements for accessible systems and principles of universal design
  • Current trends in user experience

Sample MHCID Schedule

  • Application deadline is June 1, 2024.
  • Mid-September: Overview of HCI and Design (accelerated in-person, required to be in Irvine)
  • FALL QUARTER: User Needs Analysis (online); Design and Prototyping (online)
  • WINTER QUARTER: User Experience and Evaluation (online); Advanced Design and Prototyping (online), Applying HCI and Design in Industry (online).
  • SPRING QUARTER: Interactive Technology Studio (online);Applying HCI and Design in Industry (online). Capstone Project, Advisory Board meeting, (in-person March T.B.D. and online throughout quarter)
  • SUMMER QUARTER: Innovations in HCI and Design (online); Applying HCI and Design in Industry (online). Capstone Project (online throughout quarter, in-person T.B.D. Commencement, early September)

Please contact mhcid@ics.uci.edu for further information.